FactorioBin is a quick, easy way to share Factorio blueprints. Think of it as a replacement for Pastebin. Pastebin has a bad habit of randomly deleting or restricting Factorio blueprints, so it's time for an alternative that won't delete your blueprints unprovoked.

I offer FactorioBin to the community free of charge, and run it in my spare time and with my own money. Please help me keep it that way by not trying to abuse the service.

This website should not be your only backup of blueprints. Please make sure you've saved your own copy of your blueprints as text files. A good place to back those up are services like like iCloud/MS OneDrive/Google Drive/Dropbox.

FactorioBin is an unofficial fan-made service and is not operated by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Wube (the creators of Factorio).


  • Thanks, Wube for making such a great game ❤️
  • Blueprint images are rendered with demodude4u/Factorio-FBSR (same as the !blueprint / !bp command on Reddit/Discord)
  • Other non-Factorio icons are from Font Awesome v5 Free (Icons: CC BY 4.0, Code: MIT)
  • The UI is built around Bootstrap 4 (Code: MIT)

Future Enhancements

Here's an idea of what might be next. I cannot make any promises but here's what I'm thinking about:

  • Raising limits on blueprint size
  • Enable posting very large blueprints, but with visualizations disabled or very low priority in render queue
  • Compatibility with BlueprintBot and the !blueprint command
  • Rendering rich text (colors / icons) in names and descriptions
  • User accounts
    • Page showing all your blueprints
    • Ability to upload new versions of a blueprint
    • Ability to delete a blueprint
    • "Download my data" button


I want to keep FactorioBin focused on easy transmission of blueprints. Other venues like the forums, Discord, or Reddit already exist for discussing blueprints, so I will avoid implementing "social" features such as:

  • Comments / Discussion
  • Likes / Favorites
  • Tags / Categories
  • Search
  • Voting

There are also some features that I think will just be too complex to implement or integrate:

  • Deep support for mods (doubly hard because users could be using different combinations of mods!)
  • In-browser blueprint editing (I know there is a project for it; but you can also just use the game)


I'm an advocate for privacy on the web, so I strive to collect and store only the information needed to operate efficiently.

Cookies: The only cookie I use is a local, first-party, session-only cookie for security. This cannot be used to track you across the web. (For the technically minded: __Host-csrf-token is a double-submit anti-CSRF cookie for form submissions, and its contents are entirely random)

IP Addresses: To guard against abuse and help enforce rate limits, the service internally retains HTTP access logs and IP addresses associated with each submission. I'm working to set up a process to automatically erase this information after it is no longer needed (with a goal of keeping it for days, not years)

Analytics: To help me understand load time and on-page performance, I'm using Cloudflare Web Analytics, which are designed to be non-invasive and respectful of your privacy. They do not use cookies, fingerprinting, or allow tracking you across the web.